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Beware of Energy Vampires: appliances use energy even when not in use

Posted by geeknews at 3:05 PM on December 16, 2004

Energy Vampires, that’s what phone chargers, televisions, video/DVD/CD recorders, and a host of other household appliances were called today by California state legislators who passed a bill to reuire the devices to be more efficient by using less engergy when not in use.

Hey, did you even know that those ubiquitous black plugs all around the house were even running up your electric bill, just by being plugged in? You bet they do! TVs, tape recorders, and DVD players us up to 10 watts of electricity while they are turned off; yes, they use even more when turned on, but at least we’re getting some benefit from them (if you call watching TV a benefit). The new California law would require the appliances to use three watts or less when turned off. External power adapters connected to rechargers, such as those used for cell phones, toothbrushes, other personal appliances must use a half watt or less, when not in use.

It’s estimated that the average California household has 10 to 20 such Energy Vampires, and wastes up to $75 annually. I took care to install energy-efficient electrical dimmers around our house, now I’ll be sure to keep our electrical adapters unplugged, when we’re not using them.

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