ZoneAlarm Upgrade breaking reception of e-mail

The latest ZoneAlarm update is causing a lot of people significant e-mail reception headaches, this is with version If you are having issue you should deinstall and revert to version

Personally I want to scream at these idiots, rapid fire unstable releases that are approaching bloatware. The stupidity of this company shocks me. They have been my mainstay firewall for a long time. But recently I have noticed a significant number of new enhancements that are delving into the e-mail arena. These enhancements are not wanted by me at least. They obviously want to be a Jack of all Trades but it is going to cost them their base users.

I disabled the following modules (Antivirus) as I already utilize Norton Anti Virus and it does a great job. I disabled (Inbound/outbound/junk e-mail filtering) again Norton Antivirus takes care of this very well. Third I disabled some of the Privacy settings as it was blocking nearly all of the sites I try to login to on a daily basis. Forth ID lock I do not allow any program on my computer to keep Credit Card numbers and login information. Fifth I disabled Parental controls, my kids computers have Net Nanny installed and they do a great job ok keeping them away from bad sites…

After installing the latest update it broke my incoming e-mail. Apparently I am not the only one and it seems some users are getting Blue Screens of Death. Calls to company have went unanswered and I’ll be honest with you. If their was a viable alternative I would be buying a new product tonight.

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  1. Funny, I have been running it since it was released on my Dell XPS. I have XPPro w/sp2 installed and have had 0 issues with email or anything else for that matter. I use most of the features of the Security Suite except for parential control and a few others without any difficulty. I enjoy the product and frankly I dumped Norton 04 and 05 because they slowed my machine down and if you had problems with either it usually could only be completely cleared up with a complete reformat. No such problems with ZA. Just my 2 cents worth.

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