Geek News Central Podcast #10 11-15-04

Geek News Central Podcast for November 15th, 2004 be sure to call in to our voicemail line at 619-342-7365 and plug your own show or leave a comment.


John Robb and Skype.
Dan Bricklin Fiber to the Door.
Nukes in America?
10 New XP SP2 Security Flaws.
Did Microsoft used Illegal Software to edit Wav files?
eBay goes Catalog.
P2P Plugin wanted for GAIM.
How Spammers Operate.
Movie Theater Pirates Beware.
Opportunity Rover Update.
Cassini Update.
Walmart’s 460 Terabytes of Customer Profile Information!
TiVo Casting Podcast.
ICANN going after Verisign.

Music Geoff Byrd


  1. says

    Hi Todd,

    I wrote the article about TiVo/podcasting, and (although I think it could be done with some real hackery) I’m not downloading podcasts to my TiVo. Instead, I use iPodderX to download them to my PowerBook, then use the TiVo Desktop software to serve them to the TiVo (you browse your library by going to “Music & Photos” in the TiVo menu).