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Geek News Central Podcast #7 10-31-04

Posted by geeknews at 9:14 PM on October 31, 2004

Great show for you we are using some new Audio gear to improve the quality. Time to in the can 55 minutes considering the Podcast is 40 minutes this is really good. Enjoy and John Dvorak if your listening make sure you listen to this one :)


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Geeks with Blogs
Daily Rotation
John Dvorak
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Lockergnome Podcaster are too much.
New Uses of the Interent.
FireFox 7 Million Downloads $250,000 and 10,000 donators.
Search Engine Watch
Blogs and the RSS profit potential.
New Net Domains
Sony going to do some P2P file trading.
Companies Scramble to fight Spyware.
Venice Sinking.
Space Shuttle Life cycle being reviewed.
Blog Business Summit.
Apple to iPod users NO YOU CAN’T.
New Google Cheatsheet. Phone Survey Results (Calculator Use Unbelivable).
Eastern Standard Time.

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