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Fry’s Electronics

Posted by geeknews at 11:04 PM on October 31, 2004

This is not a Paid Advertisement but is my personal endorsement of Fry’s Electronics

A co-worker of mine drove up to Fry’s Electronics in Dallas Saturday. For those of you lucky enough to be within driving range of a Fry’s consider yourself lucky. I visited their Austin location 3 week’s ago and like that store better. But if you are shopping for that weird Electronic item that you want to touch before you buy then Fry’s is the place. Plan on sending the wife cloths shopping for several hours as it is going to take that long to wander all of the Aisles.

If they had one of these in Hawaii CompUSA would be out of business in about a week. [Fry's Outpost] [Locations]


  1. From DanB801 at 9:06 am on November 1, 2004

    I’m becoming a big fan of (Fry’s online store) although I have had a couple of items go backorder on me. Their pricing is great and selection even greater.
    Unfortunately, a trip to one of their stores would involve a state border or two. Although not quite the border that the Pacific presents.

  2. From YardBoy at 9:26 am on November 1, 2004

    On a biz trip to San Diego, I got hooked on the Fry’s there. The one in Portland, Oregon is great too. Their checkout counters are extremely well organized, if not maniacal for coercing one more purchase ;^)