Sometimes it sucks to be a Geek

My wife and I went to a work related party last night which turned out to be pretty boring. So much for the $70.00 spent on tickets. We left early and knew that the sitter was good to go decided to drop in on a friend of hers.

We get to her house and I am admiring her house and see a big Master Degree in Education hanging over her computer. I was surprised to see it actually as we have known her for a while and she had never mentioned it. Anyway to make a long story short she says hey my PC is having problems can you look at it.

You guessed it 2 hours later and much under breath cursing I give up and tell her I need to take it home or we can just pull the restore disk out and start from scratch. I get this deer in the headlights look when I explain that her computer has been hijacked and is infected with nearly every piece of spyware known to man.

1. Virus Definitions 2 years old
2. She had never run Windows Update.
3. Systems is plugged directly into cable modem
4. No Spyware detection software
5. No Firewall

Remember now she has a Masters Degree in Education. She commented I should open a business and fix peoples computers like hers. I guess my 21+ years working with advanced electronics now makes me qualified to fix computers. I suppose I could charge her $750.00 for a days worth of work. All I could do was smile and say drop it by the house and I will get it fixed for you…

All my wife could say when we left was sorry. I hate stupid educated people. Sometimes being a geek sucks.