T-Mobile about to loose a customer

My wife and I have been using T-mobile quite happily for the last 3 years. We have had the same phones and I have been thinking of a upgrade to the service as we are peaking our minutes and some new phones. I have been working with these idiots for the last 2 weeks trying to get a deal on some new phones. All said they are very unwilling to give us new free phones even though we are going to upgrade our plan to a 99.99 plan.

For my same dollars I can walk over to the Verizon both and get 2 new camera phones at very reduced prices and only sign a 1 year contract. It would make sense that T-Mobile would want to keep me as a customer. To not offer me a deal on 2 new phones is ridiculous. If you have a sure fire way to deal with these idiots before I switch to Verizon let me know.


  1. says

    Swich… I go through a local company for my cell service and based on what we spend we can get a certain discount on a new phone (after contract is up). The idea is we are treated basically the same as their new customers then.

    I just had an idea. As them what kind of deal they give new customers. Then say, “fine, I will cancel my service, then tomorrow I will sign up with a new account, then I can get the deal”

  2. Ben Klausner says

    To paraphrase The Graduate: “One word Benjamin: Escalate!” The ground level sales droids can’t give you anything. Ask for the manager, or the manager’s manager. I’ve gotten the new customer kickback for phones by pointing out what a good customer I’ve been for X years, and how I can walk if I’m not made happy. I read somewhere that each customer is worth ~$200 to a cellular telco to either signup or to renew.

  3. says

    With sprintpcs, I just had a similar situation, two phones, wanted new ones and more minutes. I called and talked to sales droid, no luck. Then someone told me I should call back and ask for someone who can help with ‘retention’ … Sales droid put me on hold, then gave me someone else. Worked out great, I’m pretty happy with it 2000 anytime, 2 phone, unlimited sprint calling and texts for $99.00 … i didn’t get the deals on the phone i wanted. They gave me a $150 mail in rebate on one phone, and charged me the ‘new’ contract charge ($49) on the other. It seemed the key was letting them know you know your contract is coming up and you’re ready to switch.