United Airlines about the Food and Service

Being I am officially on vacation and sitting at our final destination drinking a cup of coffee and having got out of bed when I wanted to I had to reflect on yesterday nightmare trip.

We flew out of Honolulu at 8pm first going to LA. The service from the flight attendants and airline was poor they went through the main cabin 1 time with drinks and that was it. No food No snack nothing. Our next leg was Los Angles to Chicago. leaving at 7am and arriving at 1:30. Again the flight attendants went through the cabin 1 time and then they served what was supposed to be a continental breakfast. The Ham and Cheese sandwich they fed us was not fit for my dog. When my 5 year old boy turns down food you know it was horrendous. Then the final insult Chicago to Detroit with only 20 minutes to make it from gates that had to be the farthest distance apart we sat on the tarmac for 1 hour in sweltering heat because of supposed ATC delays. Then the pilot kept the flight attendants in there seats for the 1 hour trip..

No wonder people are pissed with the airlines. My wife being used to being taken care of correctly on JAL and ANA flights was horrified. Next time we will bring food and extra water. Being my wife was pregnant we ended up on the very last airplanes to not have extended foot room.

But from now on we will never fly United again back to American. The airlines just don’t get it. I can choose airline brands and all it takes is one bad experience to make me flip them the bird.