The day after 9-11

Some Non tech News Comments

Ironically the day we decided to start a vacation was also on the anniversary of one of the most tragic events in American History. Some had expressed concern that I was traveling on 9-11. Sometimes you just have to place faith in the system and that we did. Many have tried to go back to living normal lives and doing there everyday things.

But not let us forget that Americans all over the world are going into harms way. I personally support the president and his mission many do not and it baffles me on how soon people forget. I suppose they would rather we cower like children. I understand the dynamics of the situation better than most due to my job. I may be outspoken on some issues but I will never waiver in my support for the war on terrorism. I am a conservative at heart but also am a firm believer in the constitution and bill or rights. Which will make you understand my view points expressed her from time to time. Each editor on Geek News Central has there own viewpoint and we do not suppress any content so some of the editors may not share my viewpoint but thats what makes America and countries that allow freedom of speech great.

For those continuing to man the frontlines and standing the watch so that we may all sleep better at night God Bless them and there families.