Forty Million U.S. Broadband Users

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, as of this summer almost 40 million U.S. Internet users connect via broadband at home. That’s almost 13 percent of all Americans. This number is up 49 percent, compared to only a year ago. Commensurately, dial-up users have declined.

While broadband use has seen a recent surge, there are still twice as many narrowband users, providing a significant near-term market for local and national dial-up service providers, although the handwriting may be on the wall, because last year the ratio was 3:1 in favor of narrowband usage.

Dave’s Opinion
I love my broadband connection. I don’t want to think what life would be like without it. I love going to the beach on vacation, but I sure don’t look forward to the comparatively slower dial-up connection I have while I’m there. Teaching class through a dial-up connection isn’t just time consuming, it’s painful.

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    Your message center link is broken so I’ll leave my thoughts here ;-]. Anyway, I think that online gaming is what will really be broadband’s killer app. I mean, games are what basically drive new computer sales at this point aren’t they? Last time I checked Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer weren’t exactly putting a strain on my 2.2Ghz P4. I think that online gaming is coming of age via XBOX and PS2, and that alone will push broadband sales ahead.