HP 17″ LCD Monitor –$319

I cannot belive this deal that HP is offering. A 17″ LCD for $319

“Flat is where it’s at. The HP F70 17″ display has the crystal clear views to move you. Save desktop space with the slim design and experience the full color world of DVDs, multimedia and more.

* built-in Polk Audio Stereo speakers for fantastic sound with the convenience of clutter free desk space
* 17″ flat panel screen with an anti-glare coating and customizable settings that allow you to work or play games comfortably
* optimal resolution at 1280 x 1024 for superior DVD, imaging and Internet performance
* slim, space-saving design fits your home or home office environment perfectly
* designed to bring out the best from your PC
* full plug-and-play installation let’s you get started right away
* save energy, full energy star and MPII compliant

Price: $319, the cheapest 17” LCD that I have ever seen in my lifetime! [Utility Electronics]