E-Mail Spammers are Mad you Changed your E-mail Address!

Wired has a story that says 31% of Americans change there e-mail address at least every year. I am a little shocked as I have had one of my primary e-mail address’s for over 6 years. Does that e-mail address get spammed? Yep about a 100 a day but my spam filter software on the server and on outlook only allow 3-4 to get thru..

But apparently these spam creators are crying because it is costing them money. Geez get a clue why do you think people change so often it is to keep ahead of there mailing list.

This is why I have one super secret e-mail that is so weird that if you don’t have the address in your address book you will never figure it out. But guess what no spam on that account. [Wired]